Do Fillers Cause Premature Aging?

Fillers are a great option for patients looking for a softer, more youthful look. However, if used incorrectly or overused, fillers can have long-term negative consequences. In fact, patients who do not use the filler correctly could accelerate the aging process of the skin, resulting in older looking skin. Despite what you may have heard, injecting Facial Fillers into the skin doesn't stretch the skin and causes more damage.

As the skin ages, it no longer has the ability to produce the amounts of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid as it did in its younger years. This results in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, loss of facial volume and skin laxity. With recent advances in anti-aging medicine, invasive surgery is no longer the only option to restore your youthful appearance. Many men and women are turning to dermal fillers to restore volume and reduce signs of aging, but do they do more harm than good?Fillers are likely to stimulate the formation of your own collagen and improve skin elasticity.

For long periods of time, fillers can stretch the tissues under the skin, which essentially speeds up the aging process “because those tissues aren't going to bounce the same way as you age”, Park Avenue facial plastic surgeon Andrew Jacono explained to HuffPost. Essentially, over time, the filler stretches and weighs the skin, which means you need more padding with every visit to the doctor, which will further stretch the skin and tissue.The irony of all this is that fillers almost always age it because when exaggerated, the filler accumulates on the body, migrates out of the target area, leading to sagging and distortion. Lately we have heard horror stories; inexperienced practitioners using unregulated fillers that cause frostbite of the face, numbness, blindness (globally, about 50 cases of blindness have been reported after cosmetic facial injection) and even death. A little padding may remain in place, but when the scale is tilted, which happens easily, the filling has to go somewhere.Putting unnecessary amounts of filler on the chin distorts the facial balance, making the lower third of the face look square rather than heart-shaped, which is associated with youth.

Belotero has little tendency to generate the unwanted bluish Tyndall effect that can be seen when fillers such as Restylane are injected superficially into the delicate tissues around the eyes, and Radiesse is a whitish filler that helps lighten dark circles.And make sure that the filling has really disappeared, because the filling may never completely disintegrate. When more padding is placed than the body can hold in one place, the filling has to go somewhere and goes south, which causes sagging. In addition to skin tightening, excessive use of fillers can lead to longer-term damage, including lip wrinkles and altered attachment of facial fat pads and some degree of irregularity and aging of the skin.Other options included permanent filling, which was based on cement products, and this combination of unnatural texture and having to wait for collagen injections meant that the filler wasn't as popular 15 or 20 years ago. Men and women seeking the smoothing effect of dermal fillers seek to restore lost facial volume in areas such as cheeks, lips, nasolabial folds and under the eyes.Influencers like Kylie Jenner and her famous family have helped make facial fillers more common.

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